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In a time and culture marked by rapid change, adversity and divisiveness, it’s time to communicate, become proactive and share ideas.

  • Do any of the following sound familiar?

    • People feeling stressed out and worried, not focused on their work or the goals of the organization, lack of clarity about priorities
    • Playing “the blame game” – blaming each other or finger pointing instead of addressing problems and being accountable.
    • Conflict avoidance: not naming the elephant in the room, avoiding conversations and direct questions, sharing complaints with peers instead of leaders.


Organizations turn to Denise Wozniak for help with


Empowering people to communicate clearly and respectfully – even when points of view and opinions differ


Uniting teams and getting them working towards a common goal


Dissolving workplace conflict and helping people bounce back during times of setback or change


I'll take you through a 3-part prescription to build resilience, restore hope and maybe end divisiveness. One of the hallmarks of divisiveness is a lack of perspective. When we’re divided, we can’t see the other side’s point of view or hear what they have to say.

We miss the positive when we’re transfixed on the negative – and we blow things way out of proportion. Sharing real world stories alongside practical take-aways, Denise will show your audience how changing your perspective can change everything.