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Denise Wozniak

Motivational and Inspirational Speaker

Denise is a motivational and inspirational speaker who has been through some tough times but she still appreciates life and loves to laugh. She will talk about how she came back from trauma and saw life as it should be seen – a gift.

Denise looks at issues such as burn out, stress and worry and gives practical solutions for her audience to use in their every day lives. Denise interacts with audiences to demonstrate life can be fun, full of laughter and they too can look at the world with a new attitude.

Denise has been awarded both the Queen Elizabeth Golden Jubilee Medal and the Diamond Jubilee Medal for her volunteer work and has appeared on CBC, CTV and in Canada’s national paper, the Globe and Mail.

Get ready to be inspired – “WOZ” shows you how!

Perspective | Communication | Leadership

In a time and culture marked by rapid change, an overload of information and where divisiveness and incivility seem to be the norm, it can be challenging to bring people together to work towards a common cause.

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It all started

I’m passionate about helping others finding ways to improve and change stress and worries to become solution focussed. When you wonder if anything will go right, it seems impossible to create change and get on with your life. There are methods you can use to come out from negative thinking habits and become stronger and grow from your difficult situations.

You deserve happiness and a strength that will help you be your best. You will find out how worries develop and how you can change once these thoughts enter your mind.

How do you survive that?

Eventually, I realized that I could lie around and do nothing or I could make something better out of what I had been told. I had to stop using MY WISHBONE and get a BACKBONE!

I didn’t allow myself to be swallowed up with hate, blame, self-pity and misery. I decided to look at life with stronger focus and intent. I decided to help others going through life problems.

I remembered I used to be happy and enthusiastic about life and I put myself through courses, read articles, studied videos, and researched. Most importantly, I surrounded myself with outstanding friends and business associates.  I started a support group for families with children who were affected by HIV/AIDS.

Some years later, I was honored to receive the Queen Elizabeth Gold and Diamond Jubilee medals.

Now, I travel and speak at international events. I share what I have learned and want to bring motivation and inspiration to others.

Have an idea? I’m here to help you