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Avoiding Burnout: 7 Tune Up Tips

Avoiding Burnout: 7 Tune Up Tips

There are many things you can do to avoid burnout. These 7 tips call for self-examination and a willingness to change.

Heavy Duty Truck or a Speed Machine?

What suits you the best?
When I was in my late teens there was high unemployment in England and I took on temporary office work. It was good money but I felt unfulfilled. Years went by before I realized I was settling. Are you settling?
I didn’t want to lose a good wage and decided to progressively change my work. I worked in Human Resources and in my spare time I set about conquering my speaking nerves with coaching.
Does your life align with your talents and passions? We may have the skills for a job but why are we bored? Look at whether it’s it time for a shift.

Plan Your Route

Could this be a crossroads?
What’s your life path? Planning to start a family? Do you want to relocate? Born to be a leader, team player? Do you want to work on your relationships, health, education, building income, volunteering?
Ages 23 and 53 usually have very different visions and goals for the future. This may be your chance to be aware of your journey and examine your progress. Are you on the right road?


Be creative and feel more alive.
In motivational speaking you need to engage your audience with stories. You may think you have some oldies but goodies, however telling the same old story is not only repetitious it’s also disrespectful to the audience.
Are you being smart in the way you handle your life or are you getting stale?
Do you need to change things up?

Back Seat Drivers

Stand up for yourself.
Are you being too accommodating when no one else is willing to take the wheel?
Too many times, it’s uncomfortable saying no. Rehearse saying “no”:
“no, I can’t, I already have a full workload” or “I just have to say no – sorry!”

Keep practicing until you feel confident with your answer and be ready for pleading tactics that could result. Be honest with yourself and others when you’re overloaded. Taking too much on is like trying to juggle more and more balls.. eventually you’ll burn out and wonder why you took on so much.

Give Way!

It’s important to be willing to listen to new ideas and be open to change.
Audience feedback is a top priority for presenters. If someone sees a way to improve, then it’s worth taking time to digest what others said. Many speakers attend speakers’ clubs or Toastmasters not only for stage time but also for evaluation on their style or a particular speech. It can be extremely beneficial to listen to others’ ideas. Others often see solutions that you can’t.

Flat Tire?

Just one change can help everything else fall into place.
I decided to take another presenter’s advice and change one simple aspect of my morning: I made my bed as soon as I got up. It was the beginning of a new morning routine and it put me into drive mode.  As I went forward, I knew I already had one thing accomplished.
Changing one thing can give us new motivation and help stop a downward spiral.

Slow Down

Spending too much time in the fast lane? Your mind and body need a break.
Halfway through writing a blog, I stand up, walk around, take a break and then carry on.
A weekend off and even planning downtime can be an escape. Oh.. and try not to talk “shop” away from work, give your mind a break.
Taking a break or vacation can give you renewed insight when you return but don’t spend the time worrying.. pull over and rest for a while.

I hope these tips give you some fresh ideas. Even if you follow one suggestion today, it could give you greater life balance.
Now shift out of neutral and take ‘er for a spin.

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